Your Dream Life just a fantasy?, or
can you really have it all?

✓ A business that rocks
✓ Relationships that bring you joy
✓ Bills are paid, fun-money to
spend and savings in the bank
✓ Free time for self-care and fun

An amazing life is not just for

lucky” other people…
it can be yours too!

What is the EQ Quiz?

The Emotional Intelligence Quiz (the EQ Quiz) is based on the Enneagram but it’s so much deeper than just a personality-type quiz.

The EQ Quiz reveals your strengths, gifts and passions, why you love what you love and why you are good at what you do, and why you have the hopes and dreams that you have.

It will also tell you why you are experiencing certain roadblocks that are keeping you from having the business, the money and the relationships that you want.

Take the EQ Quiz and find out why you’re stuck and discover your “natural-born” superpowers that can catapult you to the life you are destined to live.

Andrea Isaacs is known for her innovative work bridging the Enneagram, emotional intelligence and the neuroscience of change.

As a transformational teacher and coach, she has helped coaches, therapists and conscious business leaders around the world reach new levels of personal and professional growth and spearhead remarkable change initiatives.