The Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Quiz

Below are 18 statements and a sliding scale below each one. Rate how much you identify with each one on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being “not at all,” and 10 being “very much,” or “that’s me!”

Many questions have two parts. If you agree with one part and disagree with the other, average your scores!

If you have trouble answering a question, answer from the perspective of who and how you were when you were younger before doing a lot of inner work. That’s when our personalities show themselves more clearly.

So your results can be emailed to you:

1. You have a vision of perfection and easily organize all the details necessary to make things perfect.

2. You’re tired of your inner critic constantly criticizing you, and you often judge yourself and others.

3. You’re a natural at supporting others, intuitively knowing what they need.

4. You give so much to others, that you can resent them for all you’ve done. It’s hard for you to express what you need, and harder to receive it.

5. There’s no doubt you’ll achieve whatever goal you’ve put your mind to; you’ve got the steps, the sequence and the timing down.

6. You’re so focused on success that you can forget about tending to your relationships.

7. You're comfortable sitting with and talking about emotions, your own or someone else's. You have great empathy and understanding for what others are going through.

8. You can wallow in non-productive emotions and not get things done. You tend to compare yourself to others and fear you “come up short.”

9. Focus and concentration come naturally to you, and you enjoy sharing your knowledge.

10. You’re so consumed with figuring things out that you forget to engage with others or the world. You’re concerned you’ll never know enough.

11. You build strong teams, you’re responsible and trustworthy. Though you may doubt yourself and others, once you trust someone, your word is solid.

12. You focus on all the things that could go wrong and have anxiety about making the wrong decision.

13. You have a positive attitude, enjoy several fun adventures, engage in impromptu activity and your enthusiasm rubs off on others.

14. You get distracted by yet another great idea or opportunity and it’s difficult to finish what you’ve started. You get bored quickly.

15. You’re grounded, naturally confident, make decisions quickly and with ease, speak up for yourself and protect the underdog.

16. You get angry quickly, and are sometimes “too direct” so people think you’re angry even when you’re not. People often tell you you’re “too much.”

17. You’re a peaceful person and know how to maintain your calm no matter what. You get along well with all kinds of people and easily understand different points of view.

18. You’re great at procrastinating. It seems like others don’t care about you or your opinions; you might as well be invisible.

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